Three Signs of Running Burn Out and How to Recover.

Knowing when to stop is the start of recovery.

Fatigue may take days to recover. Self-coached and recreational runners often get in trouble with over-tiredness by failing to take notice of the signs.

That includes me.

I myself had a couple of experiences with fatigue. In those times it literally screwed my day and my work. So when your body tells you “it’s too much!”, be sure to take it seriously.


…Chilling Sensation. One of the earliest and easiest to tell warning signs that I had too much distance covered and did not recover between runs. It also happens when I am “cramming” to make up for “did not run” days. Just to end up bonking into the workout.

…Weakness. My friends and I started good. Thirty minutes later or just about halfway I was STRUGGLING to keep pace. I had shortness of breath and dizzy. Later on I lost leg strength. It’s like having additional weight straps on my feet and felt very heavy.

…Loss of Appetite. Caring less where to doze off the entire morning is a better choice than eating my favorite breakfast. I hardly even have the stomach to swallow water because it makes me puke! image


Skip Next Run. Everytime I am feeling the “chills”, I always cancel my next workout. Besides, skipping a day of running has very little effect on fitness. In fact it has worked wonders for me.

Stop While Your At It. When weakness hits me, I ride my way back home. I don’t mind. Actually it’s perfectly FINE. Honestly that may not always be the case. Sometimes I walk ’till I finish my route. The point is – I was able to recover faster halting and postponing my workout some other day.

Sleep and Nap. I just do myself a favor and go to dreamland. Usually after a day of rest I am back on track. However there are runners who are capable of either bouncing earlier or much longer than others – I know and I don’t mind.

In a Jiffy

Chills, weakness and appetite loss are indications of burn out and fatigue. Stop, Skip and Sleep to recover.

So now I ask you to tell me what I might have missed. I would be glad to learn from you. And send your friends the link to this blog so that they too will learn of your ideas and mine.

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