Best Pace Calculator for Android

Learn how fast tempo runs, intervals, easy and long slow runs.

Pace+ is an application for Android smartphones that calculates paces for specific running workouts. It is primarily  designed to give recreational runners ease with self coaching and advanced runners achieve target race times.

I once had trouble knowing and learning how fast I needed to run each type of workout  – and do it right.

When I started to use the application, it took out most of the problems with training preparations. It’s functions gave me a very good basis as to where I should start and how I execute the workouts in terms of intensity.

Works like tabs. Simple and functional.

What I really find very useful is the training calculator.

I simply put a data of my fastest time on any race distance or any projected race times for that matter and the app tells me how fast I should do my easy runs, tempo, intervals and long runs.

The Calculator tab allows me to see  my average pace. And then there is the Physical tab that supplies me with information on ideal heart rate zones, body mass index and calories burned for workouts.


Know your training paces, bmi, heart rate and calories burned.

The Conversion tab also makes it simple for me to convert distance and temperatures.

Time to finish is measured by running the race.

The only part about the pace calculator I didn’t find that useful at all was the Predictor. My experience has taught me the factors that affect race time and performance.


Personally I don’t think the predictor is reliable.

A good running plan has good recovery results.

Pace+ not only solved the problem I was facing with intensity but also the structuring of my workout schedule. It keeps me in tune with the estimated effort I needed to exert on every run so that I can perform another workout the next day.

It surprisingly allows me to recover better due to the control I have over intensity.

Newbies may first find this unnecessary.

I participated races from 5kms to half marathons and Pace+ helped me prepare most of these events.

While it suits best runners who already have experience planning and executing training plans, I don’t think this will be useful for guys not aiming for personal bests.

In a jiffy.

PROS: almost complete running calculator tool and user friendly interface.
CONS: could be better if it supports route creator or has tracking features.

In my opinion, other calculators don’t quite compete with Pace+ close enough. So far, for me, it’s above other personal digital assistant applications built for runners.

Download the app on Google Play Store.

It’s free and definitely worth checking out.


Simple. Practical. No nonsense- ezRunner.


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