Myth of Taking a Bath after Running

Getting washed ain’t both helping and bad to the body.

There are a couple of misconceptions and myths about a regular shower after exercise. In my opinion, it  is not true and may have stemmed out of  coincidence.

Neither it has negative effects that could potentially threaten a mortal athletes physical health as some speculate.

Unless – I do a stupid approach to comfortably take a bath with freezing  cold or hot water after a long run. Get my body into “shock” and bet a spot on the world’s most idiot and insane runners record book.

Seriously speaking.

Some of the effects are said to be blood vessel constriction, blood clotting and the famous Filipino “pasma” diagnosis.

Sadly these so called effects have no medical and scientific basis or any academic research published that will otherwise prove it’s real.

And another thing.

Colder baths don’t speed up recovery.

Endurance athletes don’t benefit from ice bathing.

Perhaps a marathoner may find himself  on immersed on a tub of ice cold water.  And he might “think” it is helping with muscle soreness but it is not according to a research from the University of Hampshire.

Headed by Naomi Crystal, she and fellow researchers indicate no strength and perceived soreness difference on both subjects who dipped ice bathes and those who did not.

It is just a waste of time.

Shower after running only answers a single concern.

In my 4 years as a recreational runner,  I can tell that there is no subtle difference in recovery time between taking a bath before running and taking a bath after running.

What affects my recovery are;

  • Hours of Sleep
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Workout Intensity

Nothing else.

The only benefit I get from taking a shower after exercise is what it is meant to do –  CLEAN.

It feels good to take a splash and be washed away with dirt and sweat.


Final Cut

While I have the confidence of telling what works for me,  it may not be applicable to others.

So feel free to post your comments and ideas about this topic. I would be honored to learn and hear from your own perspective.


Simple. Practical. No nonsense- ezRunner.


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