Free Run 2: Lightweight and flexible but not for races.

This is my closest
experience to minimalist running.

I was really curious about the concept of Nike Free Run 2 and decided to try a pair for one of the half marathons I participated. It was the first time for me to wear this kind of running shoes and I was impressed how it met with my expectations.

Free  Run ezRunner

For me, Nike Free Run scored big with its innovative outsole grooves.

Bright minds at Nike did a wonderful job of developing a revolutionary outsole innovation. For the succeeding models of Nike Free Run, this design has become a functional signature throughout the series.

My adjustment was easy.

The shoes are light and I had a smooth transition from my typical cushioned trainers that has more weight compared to the Free Run 2.

It’s ventilation is fairly good. I used it on one of my training runs on a hotter day and it provided more than enough cooling to keep my feet comfortable until I finished my workout.

But what I love the most was it’s flexibility. There was greater freedom in motion as far as how my foot mechanic works during push off. It really made use of the technology for making foot movement as natural as possible.

Personally, I was glad that the shoe stayed well fitted on my feet even if I laced it loosely to give additional space for my feet to move inside. This is another feature that I like about it. The shoes provided good comfort for my feet even if it is near minimalist type of footwear.

Not made for Long Runs and Uneven surfaces.

I just wanted to emphasize that the Nike Free Run 2 is a great shoe worth reviewing even if it’s not so latest in running trends.

And it does have dents on it.

First stop, it ain’t good for hours of running. What I mean is that after using it for long runs and a half marathon, I felt that it had lost some of its protective cushion.

Second, while it offers smooth rides on even surfaces, going through dirt roads caused me to slow down because small rocks would fit into the groves.

The shoe performs best only on tracks and road runs. And in my opinion, it is better off used in short distance races.

I have the better end of the bargain.

My experience taught me that the Nike Free Run 2 is a good choice for recreational runners. I myself use it only on my easy runs and recovery days.

However if I were just starting out, this is not an ideal pair to begin with. Because it offers lesser foot to surface protection in exchange for its flexibility and lighter weight.

Quick FYI

Pros: Lightweight, flexible and secure fit.
Cons: Looses sole cushion for long distance runs.


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