Look Good and Run Better.

The benefit and effect of wearing the right outfit on performance.

This is embarassing but I must confess.

You see I spend at least 10 minutes picking the right outfit for my morning run – even if I only have a few of them.

And I completely understand when you do the same because it feels great to look “competitive” on a workout.

Because nobody likes to appear “unfit” especially with peers and people who pass in front of you.

But DOES it really matter when it comes to running?

Let me share what I discovered while reading articles why dressing like a pro is something to consider or not.

Spend if you want to improve and cash on it wisely.

University of Hertfordshire Professor Karen J. Pine (in her book – Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion) researched how a person’s attire affect confidence and self-esteem.

She concludes that attitute is changed depending on the clothes worn.
          •   Students who were told to wear Superman shirts felt more assured than those that did not.
          •   Women participants had low math test scores wearing swimsuits.


Which LEAD to –

Confidence improve race times.

A runner who is excited, prepared and with a positive mindset will have increased effort and commitment.

And they will fare better in races.

However, Dr. Alan Goldberg wrote in CompetitiveEdge.com that POOR self-confidence means:
           •   An athlete or team will consistently perform way below their potential.
           •  It can kill an athlete’s enjoyment of the sport.

Don’t get me wrong but if shirtless running is your “thing” then have it your way.

In a jiffy
Clothes influence thinking. Wearing the RIGHT gear gives you better confidence that leads to gains in running performance.

Now if you haven’t done this, I want you to do a little mix and match with your outfit. And tell me how your morning workout was by leaving a comment.

Or share this with your friends so that they too will reap gains simply by putting on a nice singlet.

Simple. Practical. No nonsense- ezRunner.


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