How to Coach A Fellow Runner and Be Heard.

Coaching is good! But it can make you appear boastful and less credible.

Sooner or later a friend of yours might be doing a list of bad running habits. It  entices, compel or tempt you to coach your friend with an “experienced runner’s” advice  because you once sucked at running yourself.

I say, DON’T even try or think about giving one.


They might get annoyed. Even if it is constructive.

Back when I had only little expereince with running, I remember a veteran runner hand me a couple of unsolicited coaching.

My form was bad and I admit I wanted to learn how to do it “right” from him. Instead of being awed, he gave me an impression how big headed he was.

“The urge to share experiences and teach a thing or two to a fellow runner is normal. I want do it, you want do it and a lot of runners out there WANT do it.”

So how do you do it  WITHOUT being boastful?


4 Tips I Personally Use.

1. Tell me if my pace is fast or slow. – Coach ONLY when being asked. The person asking you probably has his or her own ideas and is just looking for a different perspective. Remember this all the time.

2. My workout is for a Half-Marathon. – You need to be honest. Really! You can’t expect to teach a person something without experience. Getting someone to do speedworkouts when you haven’t even done it yourself just ruins your reputation.

3. Coach to teach! – It is all about the person you are helping. Do it for the sake of giving advice and NOT talking about personal bests and finishers medals. They want to know how to get close to whatever it is that you accomplished. Show ’em how to do it!

4. Superman CAN’T stand kryptonite. – Tell your setbacks, failures or injuries. Acknowledge your weaknesses and how you overcome them. It raises your believability and shows them that what you are teaching is not just some shit you read in the internet last night.

The Lazy List
Coach when being asked,  be honest, teach what the person needs to learn and acknowledge your failures.

Now I want to hear from you. Which of the tips are you planning to use? Do you have techniques you would like to share? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Simple. Practical. No nonsense- ezRunner.


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