Profile Images and Running

Make it easy to tell what you do

If there is one thing that will tell people you are a runner is to show them you are a runner. It’s one way of bragging in social media. And let them remember by providing visual references.

But sometimes we get a little bit overboard with the concept.

Instead of looking good it can make you look vain, stupid. As an example see my profile below and note how it looks.


Most of the time the way I decide to pick the pictures for my profile page sucks. But looking at other great and creative concepts from different fields had me thinking “Hey! I can make this!”. And you can definitely apply the idea as an athlete. You ask “how?”


Before that, let me cite an article I came across by Mary Ann Warriner about the kind of lousy pictures that you and me should not use on Linkedin. If you don’t know what Linkedin is, it’s a site for professionals and business owners who are seeking jobs and looking for workers. I personally learned a thing or two what to trash and which to spare from a number of images I had taken from my smart phone camera.

Ok so this is how  you get to use it.

You might want to tell people on social media what it is that you do. And teach your friends about it. One way is to be “creative” with your profile picture.

Although this is not a rule, law or somebody else’s freakin’ standard we need to follow but what can you lose if you do so?


Instead it will make you look better and worthy of praise. I’m sure many of us, including myself, wanted to teach friends the value of running and this one is a good persuation tool you and I can use.

What are the guidelines for a good profile image?

Michael Hyatt has these great suggestions you can work on. I will point a couple that I find useful and practical for me.
1. Don’t shoot in a studio. You need to look natural as possible.
2. Hire a pro. If you can’t afford one ask for a friend who does photo shoots for free. Be a guine pig.
3. Smile. Grumpies don’t get much likes. And don’t just give shit! Be genuine!

Remember that it is important that your profile picture is relevant and within context. As a runner, it makes your page interesting and worth while to visit. Take a look at these famous examples.




Do you plan to use this tip? Let me know. If not, please tell this to your friends who might want to improve their social media page.

Simple. Practical. No Nonsense. – ezRunner.


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