Running Pics May Get Snobbed, Waste of “Like”.

Do this little trick and make images more persuasive.

Forget it if your trying to convince friends to run and you have the same crap as most running pictures these days. People are posing happy selfies where in fact it’s a darn struggle just to finish the race with aching legs and sore feet.

Yes it’s true.

But you still need to make your peers interested and get them to hit that like button because it’s relatable and less intimidating.


We were told to be wacky but instead we bounced our assess. I don't have a clue if we were told to jump instead.

Take for a bad example one of my Facebook post with all the glory after a morning 10 kilometer run. It’s all but pictures and nothing more. I easily fell prey to “MUTE” practices even today out of lazyness.

Soon I realized that doing so makes me a showoff for the sake of my own personal amusement. Immediately I stopped uploading after run pictures.

My intention was to make my friends start working out but the effect was I dissuade them instead of  motivating them.

So how do you make your Facebook pictures get more likes?

It is actually very simple. Make it better with “words”. Tell the world the story behind the image. And do it with – CAPTIONS.

People are more likely to hit that like button when they clearly understand how great or bad that morning workout is. It increases your believability and the readers tendency to share your story.

Have you noticed those newspaper headlines with captions below them? It encourages people to turn the pages and get to the full story behind the pictures.

The same goes to your Facebook image uploads. Friends would likely to talk about you and like your morning run.

And it’s something, including me, most people fail to do.

In a paper written by Sandra Mathison (Seing is Believing: The Credibility of Image based Research and Evaluation) states that numeric, text and vocal data are more associated with facts, reasons and objective knowledge. In other words, texts provide clarity to image representations. It describes what is it your doing and  generates value for your viewers.

And a study conducted from the University of Oklahoma about how pictures influence news consumers say that images, with texts, are more likely to be remembered.

Which makes this easy to recall…


"I may not look like it but I am dead serious." - coach Marven after his 8km workout last 2014.

Than this…
So next time you decided to post a “selfie” or “usie”, how about including a short caption of that image? This will help you convey your uploads more believable and encourages friends to learns more about what you do.

Now I am going to ask you to TELL me if there’s something in your mind that you can apply this technique?  If not then please share this post to any of your friends who need this tip.

Run daily, healthy.

TIP 38: How to get more likes on Facebook
LEARNING: More about Captions
MATERIAL: How Pictures Influence News Consumers.pdf


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