You Could be Missing What I’m Getting from Running

These benefits are good motivators to get you starting short workouts.

Waking up early feels heavy. I’m thankful but I don’t like the feeling. The beds warm, it’s cold outside and my cellphone alarm keeps beeping the 4:30 morning run.

This is how I start my day and as you can imagine, it’s cranky.

For 4 years now it’s always been like that so why do I still put my shoes on and log a 10km run? Like most skills consistency is important so that you can develop and take hold it’s benefits.

Here are some that fuels me for a morning run. And I bet it will give you one or two reasons to start working out.


From where I am, it’s very important to bank on health. But money here don’t come easy when you get sick so the cheapest way to prevent it is through excersise.

Running in particular is a sport that costs less than any other I can think of. To make it clearer to understand, shoes are cheap and hospitals are expensive.


Literally you'll have a run for your money 🙂

Proof is not a problem. You can get it easy from medical websites, online sports publications and of course my favorite – Mr. Google. One that I came across reading was an article from Huffington post by Shelley Emling about the study that helps runners stay young. And another material by Elizabeth McLeod Sadler pointing out to people with depression, psychological disorder, addiction and remarkably treatment of certain heart problems.

WORTH READING: 6 Ways Running Improves Your Health –

Runners are more work productive and less stressed on a very cheap and valuable investment.


You sure are a 100% correct I am banking on health so that I can open a savings account and at the same time look good.


I know I'm groossss... but do agree I look better than before 🙂

People at Brooks Running Company  published a survey they conducted during the National Running Day that reveals the sport increases sex appeal. Survey also says 76% of all participants (84% of males) believe people look sexy when they’re running and three quarters agree that runners are more attractive.


Credits to

HOT RUNNER: Running Increases Sex

Besides getting to wear that shrit size I’ve worked for, I also gained a good source of confidence booster. Get sweaty and look sexy.


Today you might have a sales target, product presentations, exams or assigned at the customer complaints desk. Run to set your self on the mood before doing any of those stressful tasks.

Exercise helps me focus and concentrate to be productive. I totally agree with Jeniffer Cohen about her written contribution for on 6 ways running can make you smarter. Let me list them here:

1. Increased Energy – for getting new or cool and outrageous ideas like catching bigfoot. Duh!
2. Sharpens Focus – effective with daily tasks and helps with delaying brain aging and Alzhiemers desease.
3. Enhances Mood – releases endorphines: the happy hormones for sad folks.
4. Helps Control Impulse – for really emotional dudes, running can help you alot.
5. Improves Memory – if your having trouble remembering your “exes” names, run.
6. Productivity – this is the part that has an awesome impact on me. I learned to manage my time, prioritize to do lists and make a daily planner.


Run to Charge Brain.

Back then I was a slow thinker. In fact I would often ask twice to clearly understand someone’s question and what they mean. But now, my reaction time is better and an asset specially to jobs like mine that deals with customer  complaints and inquiries first hand.


Ok yeah so I’ve told you the good stuff and all so might be thinking what’s in it for you? More importantly, how do you do it?

There is not a time wasted when you exercise. I can attest to that. Staring on your Facebook page or Twitter account for some nonesense messages ain’t worth it. Spend time wisely so that you can have those amazing benefits.


It's only less than an hour for crying out loud! Get out and move your @$&!

Like I mentioned, the key is to include a 30 minute non – negotiable schedule for workout. Not necessarily everyday but instead start with 3 to 4 days a week with rest in between running days. It doesnt matter if you go jog – walk – jog – walk as long as you start doing it nice and easy like how I did before.



Consistent running saves money, make you look attractive and improves brain power. Just cut back 30 minutes of social media or anything else that is not worth doing and put that time into excercise.

Now I need you to tell me how you stick with your running plan and why is it giving you a hard time? Run daily, healthy!


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