2 Things You Need to Know As A Runner and Why

The risks in running may sound “absurd” but it is real.

Do you ever wonder what endurance athletes care about? I’ve got a few ideas. Shoes, singlets, medals, races  and the most stupid – speed.

While some care for complements and worthless flattery to things they already know, many miss out talking on more important details because they have little or no idea at all.

So what are these little missed outs?

1. HEAVIER BODY WEIGHT– I am not a fan of diets. Many of my friends have this perception of runners associated with reduced body weight. It is true because if I ask one of them  how to lose pounds, chances are I get a “go jog your ass” response.

But there’s a flip side.

Recreational runners know plenty about weight loss and surprisingly have only guesses why some gain weight while offering “run more” suggestions.


I just can't say no after my long slow distance run!

What IS with weight gain that runners ignore it?

Added Sugar. One often allibi I take pleasure with is to eat too much of the sweet stuff. I’d figure “hey, that was a tough 20 kilometer slow run” and made me think I deserve it.

And I do deserve it!

But it’s not a license to eat more than my body actualy needs. Doing so offsets the losses and lead to gaining mass from extra calories.

It’s overcompensating and that’s no good.

Coach Jeff Gaudette has an article that describes it in a nice detail posted in RunnersConnect.

Take a look at what you eat. Added sugar have sneaky forms and the easiest way for me to identify these hidden calories is if it’s SPF – Sweet  Processed Food.

READ: Added Sugar May Add To Weight Gain In US – WebMD

2. HARD ON HEART – healthy running is my mantra. The funny thing though is I almost never bother reading or ask Google for stuffs like “leading causes of death for endurance athletes” and the likes of it. I ignore them for other interesting topics like – ufos and aliens. 

Go ahead and smack me in the face.


We never bothered about pulse rates. We almost always talk about personal bests!


Just to be aware, there is data provided for the RACER Study Group that supports the argument but it’s a rare event where the chance of happening is a 1 in 10,900,000 ratio. It’s not a cause for alarm that’s why it is seldom discussed.

CHECK THIS OUT: Famous Runners Who Died – Famous101.com

Edward M. Eveld  published an article in the Miami Herald about a research evaluating the negative effects of distance running. Most athletes can get away with ramped up weekly mileage while they are still young but the same intensity, as stated, may not be ideal for seasoned and long time runners.

LEARN MORE: May Have Limited Benefits – MedicalDaily.com


Hope to be like them when the time comes! Horah!

Personally I aim to run even in my senior years. To keep the fun factor alive – moderation is key.

Run daily, healthy.


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