Want Ice Cream? Sell Ice Candies!

“Arouse in others an eager want…”

Dale Carnegie

This is not a running related post. I thought I’d share something about parenting and selling.

A couple of weeks ago my wife wanted to earn some money and got the idea of selling ice candies. My initial reaction was to procrastinate. Of course I don’t want her roaming around almost all day selling under the heat of the midday sun!

But she still got me to agree with her by reasoning to me to have a local store take a cut out of the total sale.


I just had a good lecture of how to make people do what you want them to. Our tiny business got off well and my wife was pleased with it. But there’s a small dint to it – the kids are literally eating their way through our income!

At first there’s just one piece, no big deal.

The next day, one in the morning then another at night.

Then on the following day, when I woke up early, I was surprised to see my son holding this piece of ice candy – on our bed!

We have ourselves a losing streak here! You might have guessed how my wife reacted. Nope she was not mad at the kids. She was upset with me!


“I don’t want them to grow up deprived of what they need to experience.” she says.

“Hey look, we’re on the same side here so please don’t get me wrong. I do want them to have those ice candies but not on the expense of losing your investment.” I replied.

My wife needed to be acknowledged of her correct ideas. But there has got to be a better way.

So I told her to listen, if she’s willing to learn, and I’ll give her and the kids what they want.

I sat in front of the children and  engaged them in a calm and logical conversation which goes:

me: Is mama’s ice candy delicious?
kids: Yes!
me:  How about halohalo? ( their eyes fired up with anticipation)
kids: Why pa? You gonna buy us yummy halohalo? (..tch smart kid..lol!)
me: Nope, I don’t have money right now but instead you can have one if you save some money out of selling the ice candies. (gotcha!)
kids:  ….uh huh… ( what???? )
kids:  how much we need pa? ( now were getting somewhere…) me: It’s only 55 pesos and …

I continued explaining to them a simple computation and they catched on pretty quick. Immediately the craving stopped, business saved and a happy wife!

Run daily, healthy.


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